About Doug

About Me

Hello there, my name is Doug, and I am pursuing my career as an IT Computer Technician. (IT or Information Technology). I am also a tech-enthusiast who stays informed and up-to-date with some of the latest computer hardware and software technology. What led me to pursue this passion in computers and technology all started when one day in my history class during my junior year in high school, a high school counselor interrupted class and introduced everyone to this Area Vocational Program or AVP. AVP is a program at my local community college to help students kick-start their careers and start taking college classes while still in high school. Unlike those who chose not to do the AVP program, I did not hesitate to sign up. If it weren't for my high school counselor at the time, I probably would not be where I am today in my career.

I am naturally deaf. Therefore, I have a fantastic technology implanted in my ears called Cochlear Implants. These Cochlear Implants have enabled me to hear, and it is another reason I became interested in pursuing this field of technology.

My degree in Computer Information Systems covered many fields of technology such as Intro to CompTIA A+, Intro to Networking, Linux, Microsoft Applications, and programming. Being exposed to many facets of technology has helped me focus on an area of great interest to me as a Computer Technician.

Right now, I aim to get a CompTIA A+ certificate so that I can continue to pursue my career and passion as tech support. After college, I took on multiple short-term jobs in the County department, healthcare, hospitals, medical offices, and school settings.

Doug Techie