Scan document from printer to PC

Today I helped scanned a document from our office printer to our desktop PC. The scan function from our HP Envy 7645 did not work so we had to manually scan to our PC.

The alternative method we used was through an app called Windows Fax and Scan.

Here is the screenshot below for reference.

  1. Open your start menu and start typing “scan” and then open “Windows Fax and Scan” 
  2. Select New Scan
  3. A dialog box comes up that says “Choose a scanner”, click OK
  4. In the New Scan dialog box, click on Scan
  5. Once the scan has been completed, select Save as to save it to your PC so that you can later find your document and attach it to your Email or app or whatever else it is you plan to use it for.

scan-from-printer-4-1 scan-from-printer-3-1 scan-from-printer-2-1 scan-from-printer-1 scan-from-printer-4 scan-from-printer-3 scan-from-printer-2 scan-from-printer


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